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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Soil Microbiology Bioinformatic analysis of 2nd. generation sequencing data.

Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen
ER2, 2 years starting 1. Jan 2012 to 31 Dec 2013

Research Objectives: To improve bioinformatics analysis of high throughput DNA and cDNA sequencing data from soil samples.

Soil is by far the most species-rich of the Earth’s many microbial habitats with hundreds of thousands of different microbial species in a few grams. Soil will continue to be vital component contributing to ecosystem services. In this project we will use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to explore the bacterial biodiversity and its links with ecosystem services. The project aims to Develop a high throughput analyses toolbox for soil biodiversity and activity –based on cutting-edge molecular technologies that will enable cost-efficient in-depth analyses of the diversity and activity of soil microorganisms and soil microfauna that will be used to help to evaluate ecosystem services that these soils provide. The candidate will link public bioinformatics pipelines and existing pipelines at collaborating partners, and will create relevant bioinformatic data sets on factors involved in evaluation of links between biodiversity and ecosystem function.

The position is funded for 2 years through a recently established “Trainbiodiverse” FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network. The project will be carried out at Section of Microbiology, Dept. of Biology, University of Copenhagen. The position is to be filled as close to 1 January 2012 as possible. more