TRAINBIODIVERSE is recruiting.

To participate in this exciting network of excelance as a Early Stage Researcher or as an experienced researcher please read on. Deatils of posts available will be indicated on this page.

TRAINBIODIVERSE is a new European-funded research network that will bring together an unprecedented range of young researchers to examine soil biodiversity and its relevance for ecosystem services.

Be sure to see the Marie Curie Career development information hosted here to find out some of the oppertunities that will be provided in these actions.

As part of the project Trainbiodiverse will hire 14 early stage researchers (ESR1-14) and 5 experienced researchers (ER1-5). For full details on individual projects please browse below or contact us at If you are interested in applying, please first carefully check that you are eligible to apply before reading about our application procedure.

Recruitment status for the fellowships is as follows: