Inês Nunes

University of Copenhagen
Brief Biography: 

Inês graduated in Cellular Biology and Biotechnology in 2009 and has a master degree in Applied Microbiology since 2011 – University of Lisbon, Portugal. In collaboration with the Technological and Nuclear Institute (Technical University of Lisbon), Sacavém, Portugal, Inês studied the gamma radiation effects in biological (e.g. microorganisms) and non-biological (e.g. ancient documents and tiles) materials during two years. In her master thesis, she studied the natural microbial population of ancient parchment documents as well as its inactivation patterns when exposed to gamma radiation. The main goal of this project was evaluate the potentiality of gamma radiation as a decontamination process for ancient parchment and documents.

Recently, she had worked in the Department of Microbiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, studying bacterial viability in heterogeneous populations in batch cultures using single cell techniques.

Currently Inês is interested in soil biodiversity. Her present research is focused in study the biodiversity of soils applying sequencing and Q-PCR techniques. She is also interested in the development/validation of new soil quality parameters and bioindicators, having in mind the possible fusion with single cell techniques.